Battery Powered Wheelbarrows

Battery Powered Wheelbarrows

80L – 200L


The Mobarrow is designed for both the professional and amateur users. The battery operated wheelbarrow is ideal for gardeners, farmers, foresters, construction and many more besides. It is fitted with a rechargeable 12v Panasonic battery, and is operated from a twist trigger located on the handle bars.

  • The battery will run for 6 hours
  • 10 miles on one charge
  • Can carry up to 120kg up a 35° gradient
  • No more pushing

Geko Engineering Ltd is the UK importer of this product.

mobarrow standard 100L zinc bin

£644.50 inc. VAT

mobarrow standard 120L zinc bin

£692.82 inc. VAT

mobarrow standard 120L zinc bin

Standard with 120L Plastic Bin with Brake

£792.84 inc. VAT

'The Mobarrows really impressed me with the high build quality and design. They definitely make my day-to-day work a lot easier!' Rowan - Back-on-Track Bike Trail Design