Mobarrow – Accessories

All accessories are interchangeable. All sizes of bins, the flat bed, rear wheels, winch, and lifting fork WILL fit on both the STANDARD Mobarrow and POWER Mobarrow.

If you are interested in the Mobarrow accessories please give our sales team a call on: 01772 459 049

Rear Steer Wheels

The addition of pneumatic rear steering wheels allow the barrow to be steered whilst under power and fully loaded, therefore, simultaneously, removing the need for the operator to lift and push the Mobarrow. Operating your Mobarrow can now be done with one hand!

From 2019 production the additional rear wheel accessory are also fitted with a parking brake


  • Diameter of pneumatic wheels: 32 cm
  • Width of wheels: 8 cm
Mobarrow with auxiliary rear wheels
80L/ 120L/ 200L plastic bins

80L, 120L, 200L Plastic Bins

The bins are made from fibre glass reinforced plastic and are  fixed to the frame by 6 screws.


  • 80L: Width 58cm, Length 78cm, Depth 25cm, Weight 2.3kg
  • 120L Width 74cm, Length 106cm, Depth 34cm, Weight 5.7kg
  • 200L Width 80cm, Length 115cm, Depth 44cm, Weight 8.6kg

100L Zinc Coated Steel Bin

This bin comes as standard on the Mobarrow POWER, but can be fitted to the STANDARD Mobarrow also.


1mm thick, Width 56cm, Length 88cm, Depth 30cm,  Weight 6.3kg

mobarrow standard 100L zinc bin
mobarrow winch

15 meter cable, 30 meter cable,  Winch

When traction is poor, use the winch accessory to pull yourself out of trouble. Made from steel rope, it can pull your load up steep gradients with ease.

Front Mounted Lifting Fork

The Lifting Fork is ideal for transporting heavy loads. It helps the operator lift the load using the leverage of the handlebars. Simply drop the fork down by releasing a latch at the front of the Mobarrow. Run the Mobarrow under the object you want to lift. Then, lift the handlebars up until you hear the latch click into place, and then use the leverage of the handlebars to lift the object.


Width: 58cm, Length of Fork 50cm, Maximum Weight 90kg