Air Spade

VL5 Air Spade

Contactless Digging Tool

Geko Engineering Ltd

Air Spade supplied with two types of lance ends


  • Integrated system to provide a pulsating air jet – more  efficient than a steady air stream
  • Effective over a wide range of operating pressures and flows
  • Interchangeable sections to adjust tool length suitable for the task at hand
  • Low Vibration under 2.5 m/s2


The new Air Spade from Geko Engineering is a quality pneumatically powered excavation tool suitable for many applications where it is essential to avoid mechanical damage to sub surface structures. Amongst the most common uses include exposure of buried pipes and utilities, fibre optic installations, tree root systems, and drainage systems. High frequency, pulsating compressed air displaces compacted sand, soil and gravel, in fact any porous material to “excavate”, without contact and therefore without damage to any non-porous buried object. Tool supplied with straight curved and extension pieces, 3 inter changeable nozzles and air connection.


  • Working Pressure Range: 4-12 bar (60-175 psi)
  • Air consumption at: 6 bar 2.2m3/min (78 cfm)Air Supply Hose: 3/4″
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Max Length 1520mm (three sections)
  • Air Connection: 3/4″ quick release – claw type coupling
  • Pulse Frequency: 145hz
  • Outlet Air Speed: 750 mph min @7bar

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