Ditch the problems; Stump Beaver goes to Surrey.

09 Mar Ditch the problems; Stump Beaver goes to Surrey.

Last month, we welcomed another customer to the Stump Beaver family.

At a golf course based in Surrey, there was a real need for versatile tree stump removal – and so Windelsham Golf Club came to us for a solution.

Over the years, we have supplied a number of tree stump grinders to golf clubs around the country. We’ve found that groundskeepers need a machine that’s quick and easy to use, that can adapt to tricky terrain on the job and also reduces the destruction of the surrounding landscape in the process.

Windelsham had found that although they had cut down the trees they no longer wanted, leaving the tree stumps in-tact encouraged new tree shoots to grow back.

Not only would this create the look of a messy golf course in the Summer (when plants grow the most), but it also means that the groundskeeping team will have to revisit the problem again once the shoots grow back.

At Windelsham Golf Club, because of the topography of this particular golf course, the tree stumps were actually lining the edge of a ditch which traced the circumference of the golf green.

In order to eradicate the possibility of more trees growing back by themselves, the old tree stumps must be removed at the source – roots and all.

The groundskeepers at Windelsham knew this – but they were in need of a machine that could grind deep enough to remove all the tree stumps at the roots (whilst on a significant incline).

The Groundskeepers at Windelsham Golf Course enjoyingtheir first time using the Stump Beaver!

This is where the Stump Beaver comes into its own.

After giving the customers a run-down in the basics of using the Stump Beaver attachment, what we call our ‘on-site’ training, we got to work tackling the job in hand. See above for a video of their first time using it!

“The versatility of the attachment is what impressed me the most” commented a groundskeeper at Windelsham Golf Club, who had used the attachment that afternoon.

Of the Stump Beavers we’ve sold in the last 12 months, 60% have been to golf courses nationwide – and with good reason.

Golf courses need to have their ground maintenance complete for the new season of golf in the Spring. This doesn’t leave the groundsmen much time to complete all their maintenance work – especially if you factor in the amount of days lost to bad weather conditions, typical of a Winter in the UK.

The look and usability of a golf course really does impact the number of visitors a golf course can attract in a season, according to Sustainable Golf UK, with 80% of ‘committed golfers’ demanding:

  • The green rolls smoothly
  • Good course design
  • The golf course is visually appealing
  • High probability of finding the ball in the rough

This information indicates a real need for golf courses nationwide to be at their best; and at Geko Engineering, we’re always excited to be a part of it.

If you would like any more expert advice or tips on any of our landscaping and grounds maintenance products, for a golf course or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to know more about our Stump Beaver digger attachment, click here to see our Stump Beaver product page.

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