About Us

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tree stump grinder removing stump hidden by headgerow

Who’s behind Geko Engineering?

I qualified in Mechanical and Production Engineering over 30 years ago, achieving Chartered Engineer (CEng) status in 1994. During my career, I’ve worked for several large international manufacturing companies, applying my engineering knowledge together with commercial awareness to match the needs of customers.

About the company

Geko Engineering Ltd, is a family-run company, based in Lancashire, England. It was formed in 2003 after realising that, although sales of mini excavators formed the majority of the UK market, they were badly served by suitable attachments – especially those suitable for landscapers. This led to the creation of our first product, the Stump Beaver, a tree stump grinding attachment for mini excavators.

Ease of use, efficiency, simplicity and competitively priced; these were the fundamental design goals for the Stump Beaver. These targets have been delivered and are valued by our customers.

The growth of Geko

Stump Beaver sales were quickly established, followed by the sales of other products needed by turf care and landscaping professionals, swelling our product range. Today we sell many leading brands both in the UK and internationally, exporting equipment to a growing list of countries.

Why we love what we do; the Stump Beaver and beyond.

We’re passionate about the Stump Beaver tree stump grinder attachment, it’s created from our own design, and it has proven to be a ‘no-fuss’ product. It really does what it says on the tin. Designed with the user in mind, we’ve worked hard to ensure that whoever uses the Stump Beaver gets as much enjoyment out of it as we do in making and selling them.

Designed to minimise the effort, operator fatigue (from vibration and noise) and the manual handling normally associated with tree stump removal. Ultimately, we feel that the Stump Beaver provides customer value through it’s ability to generate additional income from an excavator, which is what excites us the most. The Stump Beaver enables you to grind deeper, faster and safer.

Our values

As a family-run company, it’s people who are at the heart of what we do. We deeply value the customer relationships we’ve cultivated over years of trading worldwide, and gain real satisfaction from hearing back from past customers with news of how our products have helped them.

As a small company ourselves, we realise that investing in new equipment can bring an element of uncertainty; it’s an investment with an unknown reward. Therefore, we make sure we are always available to discuss and answer your queries about any of our products and we try to tailor our services relative to your needs. Our mission is to provide quality products with the best service, to make your work as easy and effortless as possible.

So, if I you think I could help your company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Graham Dewhurst (CEng)

Managing Director, Geko Engineering Ltd.